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The sweetness in life comes along with the familiar taste living in the memories.

The sweetness in life comes along with the familiar taste living in the memories. The scent from a bowl of congee or rice, and the crispy, savory texture of pickled mustard, are just like the foggy Wujiang River, which constantly appears in the dream of those who live far away from home.

We all used to think that merely a bowl of congee or rice is going to be a meal. But later I’ve realized that life is about these ordinary details. Not until the heavy work masked the life did I realize the value of nature. I started to miss the simplicity of being ordinary. Perhaps this is what the taste is supposed to be.

Winter in Fuling is humid and foggy, with relatively low temperature. Turnips in such season grow naturally and they are of the best quality. The most impressive fact about food is the fruit, which is never contaminated, but grows much stronger after being furrowed by rain and wind.

We cherish the hard-earned natural ingredients. Therefore, we treat every production process with great appreciation. We clean and rinse the ingredients three times with purified water. We strictly manage each step of the three-time pickling and pressing. Only for ensuring our product to be safe and healthy, to be responsible for every consumer who chooses us.

Wujiang Pickled Mustard first innovated the emulsified excipient technology. We extract the fragrance from the spice through high temperature and pressure. And make it into emulsified excipients. To give the product a balanced texture.

The traditional handwork has been replaced by advanced technical equipment in Wujiang. The perfect taste of pickled mustard is no longer rely on the workers’ experience. All of the processing and production are safer, healthier and more precise.

Wujiang Pickled Mustard is no longer a simple homely dish. Instead, it is the emotional bond that connects countless lives with delicious taste and health. For us, it is not merely a product, more importantly, it’s the good taste of China.

Why the pickled mustard is never left behind when leaving home? Why do we burst into tears every time when having the familiar taste?

Climate and soil are the same as human. They all have memories. Many generations have lived here for a thousand years, saying that this is the best place for growing turnips.

As if they are telling people that as long as overcoming the hardships, they are bound to encounter a better version of themselves.

We take food safety as the evaluation standard. We take great consideration for the consumers’ health. Normally, each person should take in a proper amount of salt every day. Too much or too little salt is not good for health. We control the amount of salt in a reasonable scale through careful mixture of the ingredients. In order to maintain the best flavor of the pickled mustard.

People are willing to believe that the process and the result are consistent. The flavor and the techniques remain the same. What is different from previous manual workshop is that we can apply modern technology to simplify the process and quantify the standard.

In Fuling, the pickled mustard has a history of over 100 years, carrying a lot of stories. Thanks to the unique geographical environment, natural resources and the power of science and technology, Wujiang Pickled Mustard has become the link between delicious taste and health. If a bowl of congee or rice is what we called staying alive, then a plate of delicious pickled mustard is what we called life. With the power of science and technology, the gift of nature is served on every table and shared by every one.

The heart of Wujiang is made of ingenuity. The good taste of China.